10 Energy Saving Winter Hacks

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The holiday season can be full of cheer, but it can also be expensive. Heating costs at this time can eat up a large portion of your energy bill. Follow these winter hacks from Hydro One so you can keep heating costs down:


1. Keep the cold out by sealing your windows with plastic sheeting. It’ll prevent wind from seeping in through spaces between the window and the wall.


2. Use a slow cooker instead of the oven. A slow cooker uses 65 per cent less energy in seven hours than an electric oven uses in just one hour.


3. Make the house festive while saving energy by using LED lights. Not only do they use 80 per cent less energy than incandescent lights, they last longer too. Unplug your holiday lights before you leave the house to avoid draining unnecessary energy.


4. Clear the space around your radiator to make sure that it allows heat to circulate efficiently. Don’t block it with furniture or other household items.


5. When entertaining, turn the furnace down. Cooking and having extra people in your home will help maintain a comfortable temperature.


6. Lower the temperature in your home when you are sleeping or away.


7. Make sure your furnace is running smoothly by inspecting the filter. Hold a light bulb up behind the filter and if you can’t see the bulb, it’s time for a new one.


8. On sunny winter days, trap warm air inside by opening window coverings to let the rays warm your home. Once the sun goes down, close window coverings to keep the warmth in.


9. If air is coming in from under your doors, try making a draft stopper. All you need is some fabric, plastic bags or foam for stuffing and a couple of stitches.


10. If you have a fireplace you never use, consider getting it sealed, since warm air is sucked out if the damper is open. If you do enjoy sitting by the fire, make sure you turn down your main thermostat. Fires can actually draw heat from the room up the chimney so your furnace has to work even harder.


Find more tips on saving energy at www.hydroone.com/forhome.



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