10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Winter Curb Appeal

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Listing your home in the dead of winter may seem daunting, but that snow-covered for sale sign isn’t the only way you can attract potential buyers. Learn how to make the outside of your home look warm, comforting and cozy for optimum selling potential (and perhaps even a few jealous neighbours, too)


Window Viewing

Give potential buyers a peek inside your home without a scheduled viewing by keeping the blinds open and the lights on. Make sure your windows are sparkling clean so they don’t obstruct the view.


Potted Cabbage

With the front lawn’s flowerbed buried under snow, your home’s façade could use some eye-catching colour. Potted cabbage will offer a much-needed punch of green and purple while surviving the cold winter temps.


Porch Style

Stage your porch just like you would do for the inside of your home. Fluff it up with items like weatherproof patio furniture, blankets, lanterns and birchwood to give potential buyers a glimpse into the lifestyle that accompanies the property.


White Twinkle Lights

While colourful Christmas lights left on after the holiday look tacky, plain white lights will make your home look warm and welcoming, well into the winter. Keep them up until the end of February so that your house looks like the coziest one on the block.


Winter Wreath

Hang a winter wreath on your front door that’s substantial enough to be visible from the road. Keep it simple and beautiful, but not Christmassy. Foraged items like boxwood branches, white snow berries and twigs will do the trick.



Remove the bushes from their bags on your home’s front lawn during the time that your home is up for sale. The stunning snow-topped trees will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.


Bird Feeder

Hang a bird feeder in front of your lawn to attract the graceful creatures that will no-doubt surprise and delight onlookers (and most importantly, potential buyers).


All of the Lights

In the grey-washed winter, light is your home’s best friend. Turn exterior lights on as soon as the sun goes down and keep them lit on particularly dark days to draw attention to your lovely home (as well as the for sale sign parked on the front lawn).


Window Boxes

Window boxes filled with a bushel of blooms can make even the most decrepit home look lovely – yes, even in the winter. Fill them with cabbage, evergreen branches or a unique flower called hellebores that bloom in the winter for a pretty addition to your home’s facade.


Bold Front Door

A brightly-hued front door will hyper-pigment your home against the white snow. Completing the paint job in the winter is less than ideal, so if you’re planning to put your home on the market during the snowy season, think ahead and give your door a fresh coat the previous fall.







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