4 Tips & Tricks To Tackle Chores Efficiently

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Don’t let a busy schedule get the best of you. With a little effort, you can master the art of multi-tasking and tackle household tasks with ease.


1. Prioritize. A recent Moen survey, conducted by Harris poll, found that more than half of Canadians wished they could manage their time better. Prioritizing tasks is the easiest way to accomplish this — the trick is knowing which tasks to combine. This synergy often comes naturally, but it’s a good idea to take some time to think about what chores pair well with one another to lay out an efficient schedule. For example, vacuuming, wiping down counters, and cleaning dishes are great jobs to do while the laundry is going. By the time you switch clothes to the dryer, all your tasks will be complete.


2. Combine mental with physical tasks. At home, more than half of Canadians stated they usually multitask while watching TV (59%) or cleaning (56%). By combining a physical task, like cleaning, with a mental one, such as making phone calls, you can easily check items off your list. The next time you’re folding laundry or sorting clutter, turn on your speaker phone and let the conversation flow. Maximize time in the shower by making mental lists or contemplating a multi-faceted problem. This will help clear your head and feel as if chores are more manageable.


3. Cleaning made easy. On average, Canadian women spend three more hours per week completing household tasks than Canadian men —12 hours versus 9 hours on average, respectively), according to a recent survey. Reduce this time by keeping supplies nearby and cleaning as you go. Wipe down counters once you’ve finished getting ready and immediately after showering spray cleaner and rinse the tub. Hand showers, like the new Magnetix showerhead from Moen, can help make bathing and cleaning a breeze. A powerful magnetic dock allows for easy release and a secure return back into place — even when eyes are closed or covered in shampoo. The flexible, kink-free 152.4 centimetre metal hose also provides greater reach in the tub or shower.


4. Organize clutter. The kitchen can quickly become one of the most cluttered rooms in the home. Since we spend so much of our time in this space, even the smallest updates can make a big change. An easy first step is to eliminate clutter by creating a place for items that live out in the open, like dish towels. Make a tidy work space at the sink by installing a towel bar or ring on the side of cabinets or underneath the sink.



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