5 Storage Ideas Home Buyers Will Never Notice

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Space. The final frontier. A well-thought-out storage plan can help you to make the right impression with prospective home buyers. Subtle yet effective approaches to storage work to clear the decks and present a clutter-free home.


“Before an open house, I always advise that every room should demonstrate a clear function,” says Ralph Stephen, owner of Royal LePage Atlantic in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. “That means, for example, you need to play up the function of a dining room by clearing away papers, laptops, homework and games. Creating functional storage makes that task possible.”


Stephen recommends these tips for creating storage:


1. The alcoves on either side of a fireplace chimney make ideal places for shelves.


2. Open shelves in a kitchen are great for storage and don’t make the room look smaller. A simple racking system with functional storage boxes can do the trick.


3. Glass shelves work wonders in a bathroom and can even span a window.


4. Store children’s toys in large plastic boxes which can be displayed or hidden away.


5. Look for storage containers that slide under a bed, or decorative ones that complement your decor. Otherwise, tuck them away neatly in a closet, crawl space, or behind a decorative screen or curtain.


More information is available at www.royallepage.ca.





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