5 Tips For Easy Holiday Entertaining

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From drop-ins to sit-down dinners, hosting events over the holiday season can be a little overwhelming.


To bring ease back into the season Janette Ewen, one of Canada’s leading décor and lifestyle experts, has some foolproof hosting and decor tips to ensure that that your party season is a smashing success.


1. When planning your party, always start with a theme. A theme will shape the décor, cocktail menu, food, invites, gifts, music and even the scent of your home. This year, the top themes all have a classic or nostalgic twist. Think Charles Dickens, Hollywood in the 1950s or even a rustic cabin from the turn of the century.


2. A fun theme for the holidays is 1950s retro. I love buying vintage copies of Good Housekeeping and pulling recipes from them, such as individual turkey casseroles baked in Le Creuset ramekins. Every year I go on eBay to find vintage pieces including tableware and glasses to add that chic holiday twist.


3. Decorate a nostalgia tree. High-design trees look great but consider having a fun second Christmas tree and gather all those ornaments you made or loved as a child.


4. Break out those old records. Pick up an old-school record player online and invite guests to bring their favourite holiday albums. Some beloved classics include A Charlie Brown Christmas and Elvis’ Christmas Album.


5. Always send your guest home with a thank you gift that comes from the heart. I love giving my guests a box or tin of my favourite candy. My guests always smile when they receive them, as the box is always full of happy holiday memories.





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