Achieve Rosie the Robot Convenience With A Jetsons-Inspired Home

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The 1960s hit cartoon, The Jetsons, offered a peek into what the future might hold. While we may not yet be headed to work in flying cars, innovation and technology continue to bring beneficial advancements to our homes and routines. Things like flat screen televisions, video chat, talking alarm clocks and smart watches certainly ring true.


Fittingly, the Jetsons’ beloved Rosie the Robot forecasted the smart connectivity we now see emerging in our homes and appliances. In fact, home automation is considered to be the next multi-billion-dollar industry, with homeowners synching tablet or smartphone controls to lights, blinds, televisions, thermostats, sound systems and more. Everything can now be pre-set for convenience–and activated or adjusted remotely from a smart device.


As a contractor, I can attest to the rising popularity of the connected home. There’s no question that smart technology is changing the way we live, work and tackle chores today. The promise of more emerging technologies is exciting. I love technology, so when something game-changing hits the market, I’m tuned in–even better when it’s something that makes perfect sense for an active family.


Today, we all still have to clean, but the new Hoover Rogue robotic vacuum might just have Rosie beat. Not only will it vacuum your home for you while you’re busy doing the things you really love, you can even pre-schedule a daily once-over directly from your smart phone. Last-minute visit from the in-laws? No problem, you can activate it from far away. The robotic vacuum automatically docks when finished and employs a Wayfinder navigation system to ensure that no debris is missed.


Looking for more great home gadgets to save you time and money? Smart monitoring systems for your plumbing can inform you of leaks before they become disastrous, sending alerts to your cell phone. There are other connected home appliances that work remotely, like smart devices for your heating and cooling systems that learn your routine and adjust automatically to save energy.


While we still can’t jet-pack from place to place, there’s no question that our homes can benefit from today’s smart solutions. Yet the bigger win is really the benefits these solutions bring to our lives and lifestyle.



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