Apply This Vision For Certain Success in School

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The classroom is a place for children to learn and grow, but for those with a vision problem, it can be a real challenge. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, one in four school-aged children has a vision problem.


“Children are very adaptable and don’t necessarily have the experience or knowledge to decipher between normal vision and abnormal”, says Amber Fournier, a licensed optician at the Sudbury Real Canadian Superstore. “Back-to-school is the perfect time for eye exams to be top of mind for parents. Having the ability to read the chalkboard and their textbooks clearly can greatly impact a child’s success in the classroom.”


Did you know that Loblaw Optical services, located in various Loblaw banner grocery stores across the country, offer eye exams by licensed opticians? For children who require glasses, their Kids See Free program provides free eyeglasses including frames (up to $49) and Prescription Kids Safe lenses for those aged 10 and under.


While experts recommend school-aged children receive an eye exam once a year, parents and guardians should be on the lookout for indicators of possible vision problems between visits. Fournier suggests watching for the following behaviours as a possible sign of a vision problem, and the need to see a vision care expert:


• Excessive squinting

• Lack of interest in reading things near or far

• Difficulty concentrating

• A constant tilting of the head

• Frequent eye rubbing

• Constantly knocking over toys

• Bumping into things

Additional information is available at including an optical location in your neighbourhoods.



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