Be Prepared, Stay Safe When Dealing With Winter Weather

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No matter where we reside in this great country, one thing is certain: Winter, and its unpredictable nature, will test us whether it be with unexpected volumes of snow, ice storms and high winds, or just freezing temperatures. Knowing how to prepare for, and what to do during severe weather, can mean life or death.


The following checklist is provided by Kidde Canada, a leading home fire and carbon monoxide alarm company.


• If the power goes out, never use a barbecue as a source of heat or run a gas generator indoors or in a garage…even if the door is open. Invisible carbon monoxide fumes can pass through the walls of your home and expose your family to this very deadly gas.


• Do not warm up your vehicle in the garage or attached carport, even if the door is open. Carbon monoxide from the exhaust can seep indoors, posing a serious safety threat.


• Make sure all hardwired or plug-in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have battery backup. This will keep them operating if you lose power. Otherwise you are not protected.


• After extended power outages, replace the backup battery in all your alarms. The extended use may have drained it. Or buy “Worry-Free” alarms that have a backup battery that lasts 10 years.


• If you use candles, make sure they are in glass jars and placed well away from flammable materials such as drapes. And watch out for pets accidentally knocking them over. Extinguish at bed time.


• Check on elderly family members before severe weather can restrict your access. Make sure their smoke alarms are working. If they are more than 10 years old, replace them. Likewise ensure CO alarms are powered and replace any more than seven years old.


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