Building Permits

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Why do you need a building permit?


For the most part, building permits are required by the municipality to:

  1. Ensure your project complies with the Ontario Building Code and all other relevant codes and bylaws;
  2. Ensure safe conditions and avoid personal injury to occupants and neighbouring residents; and
  3. Prevent legal complications when trying to re-mortgage or sell your home.


When do you need a permit?


Any time you wish to undertake a renovation, build an addition, add a chimney or woodstove, install a pool, build a deck or shed, install or alter plumbing, finish your basement, install a new heating system, or create a basement apartment.


What are the benefits of obtaining a permit?


To verify compliance with the construction standards set out in the Ontario Building Code and other relevant codes and bylaws; to encourage persons which you have hired to produce a product that meets or exceeds the minimum standards as set out in the Ontario Building Codes and By-Laws. As well, the building department will provide assistance on proper methods of construction including plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation.


How do I obtain a permit?


You may visit your local City building department (in Guelph, located at 1 Carden Street, 3rd Floor, 519-837-5615). In order to process the application expediently, you will be required to provide City Staff with certain information, ie. drawings, estimates, names and addresses of contractors, etc.


When can construction commence?


As soon as you are issued a permit you may commence construction. At certain stages of construction, you will be required to call the City for inspections. An inspection schedule will be provided to you when the permit is issued. This schedule of inspection will indicate the inspections required for your particular building project.



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