Canadians Do Need A Realtors Help Getting Homes Ready for Sale

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Sometimes great ideas lose some of their polish when they move from concept to actuality.


This attitude seems to be reflected in a recent poll from Kijiji, which examines the attitudes of Canadians towards using For Sale by Owner options to sell their homes. Simply, Canadians like the idea of saving money on commissions, but the findings of the survey suggest that some Canadians recognize the gap between thinking and doing, in this context.


The study revealed that “61% of Canadians would consider selling their home on their own if it was easy and more affordable than using a real estate agent and, in fact, 22% of those who have sold a home in the past have sold a home on their own at least once.”


“But while the FSBO trend may be trending up, many homeowners may not be prepared to do what it takes to get the best price when going it alone in the real estate market.”


According to the survey results, one area that Canadians felt that they needed help was advice on how to get their properties ready for sale, and indicated that they would benefit from some support to that end. “Nearly three-quarters (72%) of those who believe decluttering is important didn’t actually purge their home of many items before selling. A large majority (86%) of those who believe conducting renovations is important before selling a home didn’t do any when selling their home. A large majority (86%) believe staging is important, but 61% of them didn’t do it.”


Janette Ewen, staging specialist and Kijiji Agent, says that for those electing to do it themselves,  getting important pre-sale preparations done when selling a home can often be a challenge simply due to personal finances and time restraints- but that there are resources available to facilitate the process: “Pre-sale home improvements usually come down to time and money.”


Overwhelming, accordingly to the results of this poll, most prospective sellers know what they should do- and what they need to do, but there seems to be a disconnect somewhere along the action plan. So, Canadians, admittedly need some direction to effectively bridge that gap.  Clearly, it makes sense to get some assistance along the way, whether it is from a professional stager to prepare a house for sale, or from a Realtor who can add that particular value to the transaction.


As Margaret Burniston, Broker, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc., Brokerage suggests, it is precisely the experience that the Realtor brings to the table that bridges that gap, and is the key from moving idea to action:


“As a Realtor I know that de-cluttering, minor renos and staging will help the sale of a home. Taking the lead can help a Seller get moving on the projects. First, I go through the house with the Seller and provide them with a list of small ‘home-enhancements’ projects. Next, a selection of moving boxes are delivered to their home to get the de-cluttering started.  Finally, I provide a list of local suppliers and contractors than they can use to get some of the larger projects done.  Most Sellers are receptive to the process.”


“What is happening is an interesting Catch 22 for our Buyers and Sellers.  The average home buyer is busier than ever today. They have work, family and social commitments. So when they are looking for a home they tend to want ‘move-in ready’, with no renovations or updates required. Our television programming is populated with programs showing Sellers how get their homes in top condition for sale, creating an expectation from the Buyers that that is what they will get.”


“Flip to the other side – the Sellers are equally busy. Intellectually they know, and even agree, what needs to be done to prepare their homes for sale.  But, making it happen is a challenge”


Karen Filice, Broker of Record/Owner, Cirrius Realty Inc., Brokerage says that, Realtors offer intrinsic support, but not all Realtors are the same, so consumers should ensure that they get the best: “A good realtor will insist on certain things being done.  Those just trying to bulk up their listing portfolio will just take the listing without suggesting anything.”


And for everyone involved, there is some luck involved: “There are some who can handle FSBO – others who do not realize the amount of work it takes – everyone, realtor and FSBO get lucky – a house that sells in a day without spending any time or money on it.  It is the ones that sit on the market for a while for no apparent reason that brings out the quality of the realtor and causes the FSBO to give up.”


The findings of the survey also indicate that Canadians feel that their bottom line is being impacted by lack of pre-sale preparation: “The majority (62%) of Canadians are doing minimal maintenance to prepare their home. But when it comes to the sale itself, not everyone feels they are getting a fair price (21 per cent), often because they didn’t take the time to declutter or invest enough in staging.”


Property Wire Canada Newsroom Friday Oct 28th

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