Cast A New Light On A Drab Basement

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A few changes to lighting treatments can drastically improve a dark and dated basement. With the right choices, you can transform this often-neglected space into a chic and dramatic area for your family to enjoy.


“Opt for lighting choices that highlight the best features of your recreation space and take the focus off the less attractive ones,” recommends Norm Jensen, from Royal LePage Network Realty in Red Deer, Alberta. He recommends three types of lighting to enhance the ambiance throughout:


Soft and soothing lighting. Table lights, standard lamps and wall and valance lights can be used to wash walls in light, creating more flattering glows, while minimizing any flaws. Dimmer switches are a great option and can provide added flexibility to the lighting experience.


Task lighting. This will help you to concentrate in those areas where you need light for specific purposes, such as game tables. Angled lighting, halogen spotlights and reading lamps are some examples of task lighting.


Dramatic lighting. Use dramatic lighting to accentuate specific features in the basement. Paintings, sports memorabilia and architectural features can benefit from basking in the spotlight.


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