CONGRATULATIONS on being recognized as a Top 25% Donor!

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Dear Shelter Foundation Supporter,


We were generously supported by many donors like you in 2010.  Thank you for your incredible commitment to helping “put abuse out of commission” in your community and CONGRATULATIONS on being recognized as a Top 25% Donor!


As you know, 2010 was the Shelter Foundation’s most successful year ever, thanks to you and your colleagues across the country. Through your generosity, we raised $1.8 million, increased the number of commission donors, set new records for our fundraising events, including the National Garage Sale for Shelter, and helped more women and children than ever before!


We are extremely grateful that you are part of the Shelter Foundation family. You have helped us restore hope and provide a safe haven for more than 30,000 women and children each year. In addition, Shelter Foundation supporters like you are working to ensure the next generation won’t experience the devastation of family violence.


Many thanks,


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