Cottage Opening Check List

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Getting away from the city is a great way to relax. If you are heading to the cottage this season, take the time to follow simple safety procedures to help you make the most of your vacation.


Visually inspect the power lines leading into your cottage. Report any damage to your local utility and have it repaired before activating your service.
? Inspect indoor and outdoor wiring for damage from mice and other rodents. Have an electrician repair any damage.
? Have propane appliances like stoves, refrigerators and heaters inspected and repaired (if necessary) by a qualified technician.
? Replace old appliances with new ones that include safety features.
? Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace the batteries at the start of the season.
? Install a fully charged fi re extinguisher in a visible place and make sure everybody knows how to use it.
? Clean up rubbish and fallen leaves and branches.


? Dispose of old cleaning solvents and fuels at a hazardous waste distribution centre.
? Clean up your approved fi re pit and cut back any branches or brush that may have grown too close.

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