Curb Appeal Starts With Your Driveway

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When homeowners envision the ‘curb appeal’ of their property, favourite features such as landscaping, windows and even decorative pieces come easily to mind – but what about the driveway? Is yours attractive, or is it an eyesore?


This summer, don’t wait for the kid with the vat of black goo and a $10 roller brush to take care of the driveway for you. Take matters into your own hands and do it yourself.


“Although a door-to-door service may seem simpler, the materials used are often not designed to last or preserve your driveway the way we need them to,” explains Lawrence Genga, the senior director of marketing and research and development at Rust-Oleum Consumer Brands Canada. “When homeowners are proactive with the right products and do a driveway reno themselves, it not only improves the look, but also the life of their driveway.”


As your driveway gets older, it will fade and crack. Canada’s winters are cruel to asphalt, with buckling, heaving and salt all doing their best to turn it into a grey sponge. A fading driveway can be an indicator that the asphalt is breaking down. As a homeowner, your best first step is to inspect the surface– not just the colour, but the quality. Check for cracks, loose patches or low spots that puddle and can indicate poor drainage. Make sure there isn’t a big dip outside your garage and that the driveway hasn’t settled away from the house either.


If you encounter bigger issues related to the foundation you may need to call in the professionals. However, if a driveway is simply in need of a little TLC, there are effective products such as EpoxyShield Driveway to help homeowners tackle these issues themselves.


“EpoxyShield Driveway is a line of high-quality products designed to help clean, repair and beautify your driveway and to help you do it right the first time,” Genga continues. “From small repairs such as filling cracks, to bigger projects such as levelling issues or complete re-coating, this product is helping homeowners to improve the look and performance of their driveways – without all the headaches.”



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