Design Your Dream Autumn Garden

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Why not celebrate the start of fall with glorious colours, shapes, and textures of the autumn harvest? With just the right flowers you can achieve it in your own garden.


Sonia Palermo is a senior director in the floral and garden division at Loblaw Companies Limited. With eight years of experience in this field, take a look at some of her best ideas for fall gardening, including some insightful tips and trends.


Tip 1: Welcome autumn arrangements

Transition your summer gardens with mixed arrangements like outdoor fall mums, kale and asters. These traditional fall flowering plants make a great addition and add a splash of colour while refreshing your garden’s look.


Tip 2: Use colourful details

Outdoor fall mums with grass are the perfect accent for any open spaces in a garden or to simply drop into a planter on the deck or patio. Or use cone flowers, which are multi-stemmed plants with bushy, upright growth and large flower stalks that come in a variety of colours.


Tip 3: Freshen up with fall planters

Add to the aesthetic of your patio, deck or porch, by using visually appealing planters with a variety of traditional fall colours. For example, try the new PC Mums Victorian Square, which come in a 40 cm (16-inch) planter. The planter itself is very eye-catching and contains a tri-colour mix of mums.


Tip 4: Bring the outdoors in

Extend the fall theme inside. Seasonal fruits can add rich, warm colour to your home décor in seconds. Combine different shapes on a mantel or bookshelf for an extra pop of colour.


Gourds and pumpkins can add a warm fall glow to any room as well. Make your own stunning candle holder by hollowing out a harvest favourite. Or showcase gourds, winter squash, Indian corn and small pumpkins on the dinner table as a beautiful centre piece.



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