Earth Hour 2015: Nine Things To Do In The Dark

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With just a couple of weeks until Earth Hour, let’s celebrate a commitment to the planet with friends, family, community or at work. One small act of turning off the lights for one hour can bring so much change. This year Earth Hour is all about changing climate change. On March 28, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. let’s bring awareness to climate change and have some fun in the dark too! Here’s nine things we can do when the lights are out:


1. Candle lit dinners
Have a picnic indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Candles create a lovely ambiance to any meal, so gather some friends and snacks (ahead of time) and enjoy the special time together. WWF-France will be hosting a candle light dinner in front of the Eiffel tower!


2. Host a trivia night
Have some climate change trivia with friends. Or if you’re in Toronto, WWF and Bullfrog Power invite you to kick off Earth Hour week with a fun night of trivia! You can meet fellow WWF supporters, talk to renewable energy experts, and show off your environmental smarts. RSVP here for the March 23rd event!


3. Stargaze
Nowadays it’s difficult to find a spot that is not lit up by bright lights- even at night time. That’s why Earth Hour is a special opportunity to view all the stars, even with the naked eye! Take this time to observe all the natural lights in the sky.


4. Play games
Playing board games is great when you’re with friends and family, so grab some candles and a game or two and have some fun. You may even forget to turn the lights on because you’re having so much fun!


5. Exercise
Practice yoga, or do some squats. Being physically active is a great and healthy way to pass the time.


6. Join a community event
Many places all over the world are hosting Earth hour events. Check your local community centers or businesses and see if they are having lights out events. This year it has become even easier to find events with the Earth Hour tracker, where you can locate events nearby or even add your own events! Visit the site to search today:


7. Get outside
Maybe a famous local landmark is going to be turning the lights off for Earth Hour. This is a great time to walk around and explore places and buildings as you would not normally see them!


 8. Relax
Earth Hour can be a moment to just spend alone. Maybe it’s reading by a candle, or treating yourself to a homemade facial. We could all use an hour to relax!


9. Reflect
Lastly, Earth Hour is a great time to reflect. This is a time to be disconnected from technology and have a moment to just talk. Speak with family and friends about climate change, and all the magnificent species being affected like the polar bear.  Or come up with ideas for using less energy beyond the hour!


Get inspired! Watch the official Earth Hour 2015 video:


On March 28 at 8:30 p.m. local time, six continents, 120 countries, and 24 time zones will be united as a global community, making our voices heard through the individual action of turning off the lights. Join in and let’s change climate change. Don’t forget to add your own Earth Hour events to the all-new interactive Earth Hour Tracker.




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