“Fall back” to Smart Home Safety

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As most Canadians turn back the clocks on November 4, here are some timely smoke and carbon monoxide safety tips:


• You have less than three minutes to escape a fire. So when smoke alarms sound, everyone must know what to do and where to go. Having and practising an escape plan is essential.


• Install one smoke alarm on every storey and outside bedrooms. Install inside bedrooms if you sleep with doors closed.


• Ensure all smoke alarms are fully powered. Never take out batteries or remove an alarm from ceiling due to a false alarm.


• If your home has any fuel-burning devices such as a gas furnace, gas water heater, gas appliances, or an attached garage or carport, install at least one CSA-approved carbon monoxide outside all sleeping areas. One per storey is recommended.


• Replace smoke alarms every 10 years, and CO alarms every 7-10 years (depending on manufacturer) whether battery operated or hardwired into your home’s electrical system.



More home safety resources can be found on the www.safeathome.ca web site.



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