Fire Resistant Building Materials Give you More Time to Escape

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Minutes can mean the difference between life or death when an unexpected fire starts in your home. Under your roof reside your loved ones and belongings. No home is fireproof, but if you build or remodel using the right materials, your home will have a far better chance at withstanding a fire. These materials may even result in a few extra minutes to get out safety.


Time is also vital for firefighters. Building or renovating with fire resistant materials may result in firefighters having more time to help save people and reduce building damages. Do your research and consider using fire-rate products or ones that can act as a fire barrier such as mineral wool insulation from Roxul. In comparison to other insulations, this mineral wool choice is made from stone that resists temperatures up to approximately 1177° C (2150°F) and it also will not develop smoke or promote flame spread even when directly exposed to fire. Retailers tell us that Roxul insulation will help delay the spread of fire from room to room, providing valuable extra minutes to save people, property and reduce environmental damages.


Fire Prevention Week 2012 will be observed from Sunday, October 7 through to Saturday, October 14. Learn more about how to be safe and prevent fires at

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