Get Ready, Get Set, Get The Family Organized!

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Keeping a tidy and organized living space can be an ongoing challenge for most busy households. Tackling the mess may seem overwhelming, but with a little help from the whole family and the right storage solutions, getting organized can become less of a chore and a great time saver.


Sit down with your family to identify their storage issues. Then create a plan and source out the right solutions and tools to address the problems. Whether it’s de-cluttering the front hallway or storing hockey equipment, Canadian Tire offers hundreds easy to implement and attractive storage solutions to meet any family’s home organization challenges. Here are a few tips to transform your house from chaos to order:


• Make it fun. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be a chore. Your kids are more likely to pick up after themselves if you make it a fun activity. Make it a game by grabbing a stopwatch and seeing which family member can pick up the most items in one minute.


Choose the right storage tools. From hooks, bins, shelves, hangers and racks there is a storage solution for every item and space – it’s just a matter of choosing the right one. Pick options that are easy to use for kids. For example, attach hooks to the wall of an entrance way so that they can easily hang up their jackets. Or provide colourful boxes for them to store their toys.


Use labels. Labels are a great way to remind everyone where everything belongs. Try labeling toy bins according to what goes in them such as books, games and sports equipment. In shared spaces such as a front closet consider assigning a bin for each family member where they can put their hats, mittens and shoes.


Be creative. As families grow and change it is a great idea to use multi-purpose storage products. A hanging shoe compartment is the perfect place to hold dolls or action figures for a child but can be converted back to shoe storage later on. Shelving units are also good to have as they can be used to hold everything from toys to clothing.


Have fun: Your kids are more likely to participate in storage and organization if you enjoy the process as well.

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