Get Your Garden Shed Ready For Spring

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Glowing with colour, radiating with fragrant scents and buzzing with nature, it’s no wonder our gardens are such a focal point of the backyard once spring arrives. Although it may be too early to start gardening, now’s the perfect time to get organizing.


Here, Maxwell Ryan, interior designer and founder of lifestyle website Apartment Therapy, offers tips on how to you get your garden shed spring-ready.


Don’t save cleaning for spring. De-cluttering the shed will make your life much easier come warmer weather. Get organized and find a place for all your tools, and throw out or donate those that no longer serve a purpose. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for your trusty trowel and coming up empty-handed.


Eliminate dust, dirt and mildew by washing down walls and floors with a good quality and plant-derived household cleaner. Try basil multi-surface concentrate from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, which smells as cool and crisp as the herbs you’ll grow.


Create storage solutions. Making a multi-purpose shelving unit is a fun and useful DIY project that will help you stay organized all year long. Try keeping it to two or three compartments at most to minimize clutter. To build the shelf, repurpose some wood.


Drill in simple hooks to hang large gardening tools and watering cans and hammer in a few thin nails for hanging small tools.


Install a wall-mounted thermometer to monitor seasonal shifts, helping you determine when it’s time to plant or when it’s time to bid a sad farewell to the garden.


Hammer in a nail and hang a bucket on it to store extra odds and ends.


Add the finishing touches: If your style is natural and raw, leave wood shelves as they are. If rustic is more your thing, consider adding a coat of white paint for a white-washed, earthy look.


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