Get Your Home Fresh For Fall

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If you think spring is the only time to take cleaning seriously, think again. After your home and central living areas receive a beating from a long summer of humidity, barbecues, sandy bathing suits, grass stains, muddy pets and dirty sports equipment, autumn is the perfect time to create a clean environment. Help your family flourish in a fresh home as the leaves begin to fall with these tips:


Vacuum all surfaces. Chances are that your living spaces have seen a high level of (often dirty) traffic, so reinvigorate your home with a thorough clean. With Beam central vacuums, this chore becomes light housekeeping, not a weight-lifting exercise or obstacle course. Move easily from task to task, level-to-level, floor to ceiling and upstairs with lightweight hoses and ergonomic tools.


Clean your fridge. Between platters of barbecue chicken, pitchers of lemonade and pounds of sliced watermelon, your fridge was likely working overtime for the past several months and could use a fall refresher. Wipe down all the shelves with sanitizing wipes, discard old condiments and use baking soda to remove odours.


Kid-proof the garage. Some common summer chores and projects are for adults only. As the season for most renovation and gardening projects wraps up, place toxic materials such as paint, paint thinner, weed and bug killers, fertilizer and gasoline in high cabinets or lockable tool chests out of children’s reach. Use well-supported shelves to store cleaning solutions and vehicle fluids.


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