Guelph’s Jobless Rate Shrinks In August

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After creeping up for several consecutive months, Guelph’s job unemployment rate slid in August.


According to the latest Statistics Canada employment figures, the city’s jobless rate dropped to 7.2 per cent in August. That’s down from 7.7 per cent at the end of July.


Employment was up by 44,000 in Ontario, for the period, where the jobless rate was 7.5 per cent, according to Stats Canada. The province’s employment growth of 2.2 per cent outdid the national average of 1.4 per cent. Canada’s jobless rate fell to 7.1 per cent in August from 7.2 per cent the previous month.


According to the agency, most of the 59,000 net jobs created during the month were in part-time work.


Guelph’s economy saw some good news stories in August as employers such as Cargill held local jobs fairs and announcements emerged about new firms coming to operate in industrial parks in the city’s south end.


Photo: Scott Tracey, Guelph Mercury



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