How To Bring the Natural Beauty of the Canadian Outdoors Into Your Home

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It is no secret that Canadians love the outdoors. There is nothing more soothing than the sun shining down on us while a gentle breeze of fresh air flows by. Just picturing this radiates positive emotions. Bringing these elements into our home is so important to create the ambiance and emotion we want in our living space.


No other single home design feature delivers as powerful a sense of well-being as ample overhead sunlight, waves of fresh air and a more expansive room experience. While this is great for homeowners, it becomes even more important when it comes time to sell your home as home buyers respond instinctively to the ambiance a home emits. The most effective way to establish these elements in your home is through skylights. Skylights not only maximize the natural light in any room, they also allow for fresh air to flow into the house and reduce electricity costs.


When you think of skylights in a home you probably think of sloped roofs, more natural light, and privacy. Reliable performance and energy efficiency are the trending virtues in skylights these days, but options might seem limited when it comes to flat roof situations.


As the industry demand has become more refined, manufacturers like Velux have designed new flat roof options. Their models come with a built-in insulated curb, double pane glass and a polycarbonate cover for sound insulation, water and ice protection. Options include the CFP (fixed model) with dimensions up to 5′ x 5′, CVP (manual venting model) and CXP (roof exit model). Homeowners can continue to experience the benefits of natural light and fresh air in every room.


Skylights are an effective tool that many professional designers use to maximize the value of a home. Regardless whether you install on a sloped or flat roof you will experience an immediate change in your homes ambiance, as well as long-term savings on your energy bill and create a healthier home to live in!


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