How To Maximize Living In A Smaller Space

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It comes as no surprise that Canadians are living in smaller spaces. As national real estate prices continue to rise, our homes have been decreasing in square footage. However, there is no need to sacrifice style when living in tighter quarters. Sharon Grech, a colour and design expert at Benjamin Moore, offers her easy tips on making the most of your smaller space this fall:


Pick a Colour Scheme

Choosing one harmonious colour palette helps to pull a small space together because it allows the eye to travel without distraction. Grech recommends combining Pashmina AF-100, Boudoir AF-190 and Sonnet AF-55 all from the Affinity Colours Collection, a palette of harmonious hues from Benjamin Moore. “These colours capture the light and offer a beautiful depth and richness, which is perfect for smaller spaces,” she says. “Best of all, this colour collection is only made with our Aura paint, a formula that is recognized by insiders for its beauty and durability.”


Form & Function

Use your creativity to make the most of a humble abode. A bed with room for underneath storage is critical when faced with limited closet space. A vintage trunk in the living room holds stacks of books and doubles as a placeholder for drinks and appetizers when guests arrive. A foldable screen, like the one pictured, acts as a divider between the living room and kitchen, giving the appearance and privacy of two separate rooms within one central area.


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