How To Sell Your House When You Work From Home

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There has been a big shift in the way companies operate over the last decade. Traditionally, work was accomplished by sitting teams side-by-side, meeting in person to touch base and speaking with others in person or on the phone. With the evolution of technology plus the increase in tech-entrepreneurs, there has been a shift to telecommuting, a.k.a working from home.


Some people choose to work from home to save time from their regular commute, some prefer it because it allows their lifestyle to include more family time, and for some people the home office is their home base. If you identify with any of these categories, you’re probably extremely familiar with the importance of having a functional work space.


So what happens when you’re selling your home?


Whether you’re self-employed or a telecommuter, the work has to get done. So it’s smart to take some time to think about the logistics of selling your home. How will you handle open houses, showings and keeping your house tidy?


Let us help. Here are a few ways you can have a productive work day AND sell your home.

1. Set realistic expectations. The first obvious expectation to have is that people are going to have to walk through your house. It’s what has to be done to sell it. So prepare yourself for the possibility of a few last-minute showings. The best thing you can do is communicate with your REALTOR® from the start. The key is to let your REALTOR® know how flexible you can realistically be, and give them a heads up if you have a call coming up that you absolutely cannot miss.


2. Try a short-term office solution. After setting your realistic expectations, you understand that there will be some interruptions from time to time. If you know there are multiple showing scheduled one day, why not get out for a change of scenery? Take your office on the road for the day. Set up your workspace at a local coffee shop or library. Plan ahead so you have all the necessary equipment with you (laptop, chargers, notebook, pens…did we say chargers already?). And remember, when you head out for the day, make sure your home office space is tidy.


3. Co-Working Space. Some people know themselves well enough to know how easily they can be distracted from their work. If this is you, and you know that small interruptions will throw off your work game, why not try a temporary office space? This solution is for a longer period of time than you would be spending at a coffee shop. Often you will be able to find shared office spaces for rent. These spaces are perfect for small businesses, freelancers, and anyone who needs a desk for a little bit.


4. Control the clutter. Anyone who works at home (or even in an office) understands that desk clutter is a real thing. Try your best to keep your desk surface clear. If you maintain your space on a regular basis, you won’t have to scramble when potential buyers are on their way.


Once you get settled into your new home, take a look at our blog on Creating Your Home Office Space.

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