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107-111 Alice Street and 131 Huron Street, $749,900.00

Is it time to expand your investment portfolio? This could be an opportunity for you to just that.  This 5 plex is in the heart of what Guelphites call “The Ward” which in its earlier years was a place where residents lived near or beside their places of work which were mainly factories.  The landscape in the ward has been changing slowly over the years but today we are seeing massive changes with the old factories being refurbished into condos and land being reused for new housing.  In fact, right across the street from this listing is an old factory site getting a complete overhaul…I am sure it will be beautiful.  The opportunity to enhance this 5 plex certainly has the right timing.  Spread out over 2 red brick semi-detached homes and one detached home, it has 1 bachelor unit; 1-1 bedroom; 1-2 bedroom and 2-3 bedroom units.  There is lots of opportunity for change and improvement.  It is across the street from Sacred Heart Church and school and a few blocks away from bustling downtown with all its shops, restaurants and changing urban vibe.  This could be the right one for you!

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