Keep Natural Gas Meters in Mind in Winter Weather

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With winter well in sight, Ontarians will be seeking shelter from the elements inside homes all across the province. But while it will be necessary to seek comfort indoors, it’s equally important to ensure that a few things are looked after outside the house.


“Homeowners who use natural gas for heating and cooking all know the benefits of the fuel’s reliability of supply,” says Bob Betts, a spokesperson for the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance. “But during the winter, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to make sure that the cold and ice don’t interfere with their home’s energy system.”


Betts says keeping the all-familiar natural gas meter in good working condition during the winter months involves some simple maintenance, including the following checklist of to-do’s.


Keep It Clear

As natural gas meters ensure that the fuel entering your home’s energy system is controlled and measured properly, keeping it clear of snow and ice will prevent damage, Betts says. “Use a broom or borrow the brush from your vehicle to make sure any snow build-up is removed right away. The same goes for pressure regulators and appliance exhaust vents.”


Don’t Forget To Look Up!

Cracks in eaves troughs allow melting snow to drip onto your natural gas meter, freezing as the mercury plunges, potentially causing issues. “Your meter is what keeps your natural gas at the proper pressure levels—and ice build-up can throw things seriously off,” Betts says. “So preventing any ice build-up on or around the meter can potentially mean a world of difference inside your home.”


Be Smart With Your Shovel

While keeping the meter clear comes highly recommended, it’s also worth noting that the meter is a sensitive instrument that should be treated carefully. Betts says this means making sure not to use sharp tools to clear away ice. “Meters are tough, but they need to be treated gently as well, so best to keep the shovels for scraping the driveway.”


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