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The proposed new zoning bylaw (External link)is now available for review.

Important note: The zoning bylaw only applies to properties within the City of Guelph. It does not affect properties in Guelph Eramosa Township or the Township of Puslinch.

We have written a new zoning bylaw that aligns with the City’s updated Official Plan(External link), reflects contemporary zoning practices and works for you and your neighbours today and in the future. Really, we’re making sure all the pieces fit together to support our shared vision for growth as laid out in the Official Plan through a new set of rules.

The zoning bylaw sets out rules for all properties in the city, including rules for:

  • how a property can be used
  • the size of a property
  • where buildings can go on a property
  • how tall, what size, and how many buildings can be built
  • the number of parking spaces and where the spaces are located

We have looked at each and every property in Guelph—each residential, commercial, and industrial property, all City-owned and private property, everything, and the proposed new zoning bylaw(External link) is available to review. Your zone is changing.

Know your zone- look up your property using the interactive online mapping(External link).

Use the zoning swipe map to find out how your property and others in the City are proposed to be zoned and what rules apply.

The zoning swipe map lets you:

  • Search a property using the search bar;
  • Find out the current zone for a property;
  • Find out the proposed zone for a property;
  • Find out if a holding provision and/or parking adjustment applies to a property;
  • See zoning overlays that apply to specific areas of the City
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