Little Tricks Keep your Home always Looking Clean

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We’ve all seen it: the home of a friend, relative, or neighbour that looks like the pages of a design magazine. Nothing is out of place, and then, often green with envy you return to your home to find dust bunnies, food crumbs, and splatters of toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. How do some people work all week and still find time to clean? Surely, they must be scrubbing all weekend.


The truth is, homeowners can keep their homes tidy during the busy work week with just a few simple tips. That way, you can relax on the weekend. Soon enough, you’ll be showing envious guests around your own spotless home. Here’s how:


Tips for the kitchen


• Wipe up cooking messes from the stovetop or counters immediately after they happen, before they dry and become difficult to clean.


• Use a damp sponge and a cup of water boiled in the microwave to wipe away crusted food stains.


• Consider using a robotic vacuum to keep floors free of dirt, dust, food particles, and hair while you finish other chores or watch TV.


Tips for the bathroom


• Keep a squeegee handy to wipe windows, mirrors, and counter surfaces after a shower to keep them sparkling.


• The touchless faucet is both practical and chic. Ideas are available online at Take a look at Delta’s Lahara or Addison with what they call, Touch2O.xt Technology. Faucets with the option for hands-free activation can ensure that sticky or greasy toiletries are not transferred to the faucet handle, minimizing weekly cleaning tasks.


• Use an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that you can set and forget while still keeping toilet bowls fresh all week long.


Around the House


• Fifteen minute power cleaning or de-cluttering sessions, done a few times a week, can help to cut down on out-of-control messes. Pick one small space to attack each time, and you’ll be surprised how it helps keep household clutter under control.

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