Make the Most of Summer with Al Fresco Dining

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After such a long Canadian winter it’s finally time for sunny days and warm evenings that make our summers worth the wait. Without a doubt, one of the things that Canadians are anticipating most is al fresco dining. Whether it’s a picnic down by the river, snacks on the dock at the cottage or dinner in the backyard, eating and entertaining outdoors is one of our most beloved summer activities.


“After such a tough winter, Canadians want to make the most out of summer—that means spending every second possible savouring good food and warm weather,” says Tom Filippou, Executive Chef for President’s Choice. “Outdoor eating is a summer luxury and a quintessentially Canadian past time.”


Follow Chef Tom’s tips to plan the perfect al fresco dining experience.


Keep a lid on the drinks

It wouldn’t be summer without pink lemonade or sparkling beverages, so be sure to set out a wide selection. Since open drinks tend to attract unwanted pests like wasps or ants, transfer them to closed jugs and sealable cups with straws that keep the bugs out.


Take eating into your own hands

Most outdoor eating locations like beaches and parks don’t have the facilities to take care of messy utensils so leave them in the drawer and enjoy some finger foods. Chips go great with dip but for something a little healthier, try bite-sized PC Naan Mini Dippers with your favourite hummus.


Stay frosty

On a hot summer day, nothing beats a frozen treat in the back yard. To help you and your friends chill out, keep your fridge stocked with ice cream sandwiches or consider creating a DIY ice cream bar with different types of ice cream cones, flavours of syrup, and sprinkles.


Scout it out

Sunburns and sand in your food can take the fun out of your al fresco meal. If you’re trying out a new venue, check out the spot before unrolling the picnic blanket. Gazebos, tents and trees all provide shelter from hot sun and blowing wind.


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