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Did you know that there are simple ways to ease children back into their fall routine, and even get them excited about it? From creating an upbeat yet relaxing environment in your home, to finding fun ways to schedule and organize activities, Sally Morse, the director of creative services for leading window treatment company, Hunter Douglas, offers her tips:


• Wake Them With Awe – Since alarm clocks can be harsh for children, start their day with just the right amount of beautiful, filtered morning light. The Platinum App from Hunter Douglas allows users to create timed “scenes” for their window treatments with one swipe on their mobile device. Or, you can move all shades, or one shade at a time, in real time. “Kids will really get a kick out of watching their window shades rise,” Morse points out. “Changing the light is a subtle way to give them a nudge that the day is here and ready to be started.”


• Study Sanctuary – Since the assignments don’t end when the school day does, it’s important for children to come home to an environment where they can do their homework and be able to concentrate while studying. “Many classrooms for young children are decorated with bright colours and educational décor, so why not bring that look home?” says Morse. Even if you don’t have an extra room to decorate, you can easily dedicate a corner of a bedroom to a study space. “Bright desks, chalkboards and maps with fun colours and symbols are nice ways to encourage children during homework time.”


• Planning and Reminders – While keeping a personal notebook of appointments and reminders is a good way to stay on top of things, Morse suggests using common areas as well to get the whole family on the same page. “Schedules can easily be mapped out on large, decorative calendars or message boards. Try putting them in the kitchen or mud room,” she advises. “Creating a less hectic environment is important when starting the school year because kids can feel it when parents are overwhelmed.”


Don’t be dreading the first day of school. Instead, share the excitement with the whole family and watch the rest fall into place.


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