Moving? Don’t Forget To Pack Your Insurance

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Moving doesn’t happen every day and this makes it a stressful experience when trying to remember all of the requirements, big and small. Protecting one’s belongings with insurance, for example, is often overlooked and it could lead to unforeseen costs if any of our valuables are lost or damaged.


“Insurance may be the last thing on your mind during a move,” says Ryan Michel, spokesperson for Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “But you need to make sure your items are protected both in transit, and when you arrive.”


It’s important to consider whether your insurance will protect you at both your current residence and new residence, and whether your policy covers your items while they’re on the move. If you’re considering moving some items to temporary storage for a period of time, remember that coverage provided by these facilities is limited and your items may only be protected for 30 days. It’s best to ask your personal insurance provider about what to do in specific circumstances.


If you’re moving in the near future, consider these tips from Allstate Canada:


• Set up your home insurance in advance so that you are protected as soon as you take possession of your new home. You might also need to consider insuring your home during the final stages of construction.


• Make a checklist of all your belongings. Note both the condition and value of each item and even take photos if you can.


• If you are using professional movers, confirm the company has insurance in case your belongings are damaged during the move.


• As you’re unpacking, check that items have not been lost or damaged. If they have, contact your insurance company right away.


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