Pet Owners Essential Home Cleaning Tips

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Even the biggest pet-lovers know furry friends can leave an endless mess around your home. Fortunately, an effective home cleaning routine can minimize the mess left behind on your floors, furniture and guests. Try these tips to keep your home happy, healthy and clean so both two- and four-legged family members can flourish.


Stop dirt on sight. Rain, leaves, mud and mischief are a recipe for disaster when pets are coming back in from some outdoor playtime, but it’s possible to keep dirt and debris outside. Think ahead and keep all-natural pet wipes at the door to capture dirt and moisturize paw pads and fur at the same time.


Say no to furry furniture. You want your living spaces guest ready, not full of fur and pet hair. With Beam Central Vacuum accessories like a pet grooming brush, upholstery brush and hand power brush cleaning those favourite pet nap spots is effortless, removing fur along with any dirt, dust and allergens they brought in from outside.


Roll hair away. Even once furniture and floors are clean, fur is likely to stick to clothes. Keep a lint roller in an accessible place near the front door. This is especially helpful for sending appreciative guests on their way as fur-free as they arrived, with fond memories not fur balls.


Protect what matters. Curious teeth and paws can wreak havoc on valuable home items. To stop pets in the act and keep them away from areas where they aren’t allowed, use furniture-safe products like bitter-tasting pet sprays. Keep non-toxic wood fillers on hand to mend scratches and gashes in case of an incident.


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