Prepare Your Home For Spring

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Winter weather can wreak havoc on homes and gardens across Canada. Complete this home maintenance checklist from The Home Depot Canada before the warm weather breaks to ensure your outdoor space is ready for spring enjoyment.


1. If your home experienced any leaking or flooding, you must first dry out the area. Use towels, a mop and bucket or a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water that entered your home. Ensure you replace any affected drywall and clean carpets or upholstery thoroughly to prevent mould growth.


2. Your roof takes quite a beating through the winter months. Once the warmer weather hits, take a look for any shingles that blew away or were damaged. Replace them to ensure your roof is waterproof ahead of spring showers.


3. Remove debris from your gutters using your hand or a leaf blower and run water from a garden hose down the eaves troughs. This will keep drainage running smoothly away from your home as rainfall increases in the spring.


4. In early spring, clean your deck with a power washer to remove stains and dirt build-up. On a dry day, apply a new coat of sealant to protect the deck from moisture damage, fungus growth and ultraviolet light in the summer ahead.


5. Get your yard ready for growing season by raking your lawn to remove winter debris, and pruning your perennials and trees ahead of their new growth.



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