Preparing Your Home For Showing

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First impressions count with buyers. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so a small investment in time and money can give your house the advantage over competing homes in your neighborhood when it comes time for your sales representative to show it to a prospective buyer.


Here are some suggestions for preparing your home for showing.


Well Maintained

Repair leaky taps and toilets
Tighten door knobs, cupboard latches
Touch up chipped paint
Repair seals around tub and basin
Touch up chipped paint
Oil squeaking doors
Clean furnace and humidifier
Repair cracked plaster
Clean and repair windows
Replace burned out light bulbs


Create A Buying Mood

Arrange to be absent during the showing
Turn on air conditioning
Open drapes in the daytime
Turn on all lights
Light fireplace
Play quiet background music



Clean and freshen bathrooms
Clean washer, dryer, and laundry tubs
Clean carpets
Clean refrigerator and stove
Clean furnace exterior


Lots Of Space

Clear halls and stairs of clutter
Clear kitchen counters and stove
Store surplus furniture
Make closets neat and tidy


When The Door Opens

Clean and tidy porch and foyer
Is the door hardware in good shape?
Touch up paint
Does the doorbell work?
Is the air fresh?


Curb Appeal

Cut lawns
Weed and edge garden
Clear drive and walkway of snow and leaves
Trim hedges and shrubs
Pick up litter
Repair soffits and eaves troughs



Take jewelry and valuables with you during the open house or lock them safely away
Take precautions to ensure property (such as objects of art, vases, figurines, mementos) are safely situated out of reach or locked away
Remove calendars that indicate when you will be out of the house
Remove all personal information such as bills, invoices, credit card statements from counters or cabinets


The Gia Team works with their Sellers to ensure their home is ready for viewing to its full potential in order to receive the maximum dollars for your home! We are always here to help!


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