Renovate With a Plan to Prevent Fire

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A home renovation is the best time to improve the fire safety of your residence.


Some decisions actually jeopardize this, so during the construction, take some time to plan better choices. Here are some top tips to make your home as safe as possible from fire:


• Install smoke detectors in family rooms, basements, hallways, and in bedrooms if the doors are kept closed while sleeping.


• Check and clean your air conditioning unit. Clean, or have your interior AC coils cleaned, and replace your return air filters regularly. This will prevent the fan motor from being overworked, and also save money on your energy bill. For window AC’s, never use extension cords. An overheated cord is like an out-of-control electric heater.


• Be careful with where you place your space heaters. Keep flammable materials (curtains, the couch) a safe distance (usually one metre) from portable heaters and use space heaters only on solid, firm surfaces. They should never be placed on tables, chairs, or in other places where they may tip over. Replace old space heaters with ones that will automatically turn off if tipped over.


• Replace old or worn out insulation with a fire resistant brand. For example, mineral wool products by Roxul will stop the spread of flame for up to 45 minutes if a fire breaks out within your walls, allowing less damage to happen and more time for you and your family to get out safely.


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