Restoration and Repair of Historic and Vintage Homes

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Thinking of renovating or repairing your older home or property? Not sure what your choices are? You don’t have to sacrifice your classic and historic wooden windows for plastic replacements. There is another choice!


Energy Efficiency & Cost Efficiency


Vintage and historic windows can be made as energy efficient as new double pane windows. Most energy (warm or cool) is lost as a result of loose fitting sash.  These problems can quickly be solved by homeowners or professionals using easily obtainable materials. With properly installed storms and weatherized windows, you can save money on energy and protect the value and aesthetics of your original windows. Repairing, rather than replacing is the “Greener Option” and a more sustainable building practice.

According to information in a recent Old House Journal article* it would take nearly 240 years to recoup the cost of replacing a single pane window & storm with that of a low-e double thermal pane replacement window with energy savings. That’s a bit of a problem when replacement windows usually have a lifespan maxing out at 10-20 years.
Historic Wood Windows can easily last 100 to 250 years with minimal maintenance.



Easy To Repair & Maintain


Vintage and historic windows were designed so that individual parts could be repaired or replaced if damaged. Sash cords, weights, pulleys, hardware and salvaged glass are readily available. Non-standard parts can be milled. The sash can be removed from the window openings, failed paint and putty can be stripped, missing or damaged parts repaired or replaced, weather-strip installed, and the sash re-installed in good working order. More often than not, windows can be economically repaired, or fine-tuned to operate correctly for many generations to come.


Your original windows are a main part of the character that makes your house a unique property. They may be 50, 90, 130, 170 years old but there is no need to replace them. They can be restored equal to, or beyond, their original quality and function. With proper weather seals and storm windows in place, restored original windows can easily meet modern energy efficiency standards.


Paradigm Shift Customs specializes in the restoration and repair of historic and vintage homes. Their main focus is Wood Window Restoration, but it goes far beyond that.


Visit their website to learn more or to contact to discuss your ideas today!






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