Scrub Your Home in Preparation For a Spring Sale

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Thinking of selling your home this spring? The single most effective and budget-friendly way to ensure your home is at its most appealing is to make sure it is meticulously clean, says Ron Abraham, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association.


Abraham says that elbow grease and an eye for editing are the real keys to springing your home to the head of the pack.So what should be on your spring cleaning checklist?


“The exterior, entryway, main living space, kitchen and bathroom(s) tend to make the biggest impression on would-be buyers so make sure to take special care with these areas,” recommends Abraham.


Here’s a helpful checklist to guide your spring scrubbing:


• De-clutter: Clutter distracts buyers from your home’s features. And don’t just throw everything into a closet! This will make it seem like the home doesn’t have enough storage space.


• Depersonalize: To help buyers envision themselves in the space, remove personal items like family photos, toys and children’s art.


• Make sure the exterior of the home is well maintained – this means snow removal in early spring and landscaping in late spring/summer.


• Kitchens are the heart of any home. Make sure the kitchen is clean (pay close attention to floors counters and appliances), free of last night’s cooking smells and appears organized and functional.


• Bathrooms should be sparkling clean, free of clutter and as spa-like as possible (Stocked with fresh towels and soaps, and well-lit).


Windows should be washed on the inside and the outside – clean windows will really brighten up your home.


• Furniture should be polished, upholstery and drapes cleaned and carpets and rugs steam cleaned.


“Spring cleaning efforts will help prepare your home for sale. Remember, making your home look its best does not require spending a ton of money on costly projects; rather, make sure your home is sparkling clean and talk to your Realtor about else you can do to stage your home for sale.”





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