Skylights Are a Clever Step to a Brighter, Healthier Home

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Increasing the amount of fresh air and natural daylight in your home can improve your health and reduce energy costs – and with the introduction of solar-powered skylights, it’s never been easier, homeowners say. Solar power means you can have all of the benefits of a fully-functioning skylight with no need for wiring or electrical work. Your home will have improved air quality as hot air trapped at the ceiling is released through an open skylight and cooler fresher air is drawn inside, so dependence on electricity for air conditioning is reduced. Skylights provide up to 400 per cent more natural daylight, says leading manufacturer, Velux, so you’ll also save on the cost of electric lights.


Here is everything you need to know to get started:


First, solar skylights operate with minimal daylight, so they can be installed facing any direction. They also come with a charge so they are ready to operate right out of the box.


Second, look for a no leak guarantee. First of its kind in Canada, the new Fresh Air Solar Skylight (by Velux) closes automatically if it rains and includes the company’s no leak guarantee, so you will never need to worry about the weather making its way into your home. Finally, choose a certified installer. This is someone who has been trained and commits to keeping their knowledge up-to-date through recertification to meet strict installation standards. Improper installation is the reason for most consumer complaints.


Do you want to enjoy better air circulation, beautiful sky views, still have privacy and get a good night’s sleep? Today’s modern skylights can be ordered with blackout blinds factory installed, and come fully operational with one remote to operate it all right out of the box. Blinds by designers, like Karim Rashid, come in enough colours and styles to compliment any décor.


A brighter, healthier home, with increased resale value, is easy to achieve for a modest investment. More information, including a list of certified installers, is available at



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