Small Steps For A Greener Home

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Greener Home: Practicing green habits goes beyond sorting through your trash. There are many things we can do in and around our homes to play a small but significant part in waste reduction. Follow these three easy tips to keep your landfill contribution to a minimum.

Reuse and recycle. Purging old things that have been stashed away for seasons doesn’t need to be daunting. Try tackling one area of your house at a time and work through the rest in stages. Start in the garage where clutter tends to pile up. Instead of holding on to old items you no longer use, recycle them. Drop off your used tires through Rethink Tires’ Used Tires Program. You can drop off up to four tires for free at a registered collector. Once recycled, your old tires are transformed into sustainable products, like rubber landscape tiles, playground surfacing, roofing shakes and athletic flooring.

Repair and refurbish. Channel your inner creativity by completing fixer-uppers around the home. With DIY tips and tricks at your fingertips, projects can be done on a budget. Start small by working through jobs like repairing light fixtures or refurbishing furniture. No home workshop? Check out your local community for maker spaces or repair cafés that offer access to equipment to help you with your project.  Not only will refurbishing save you money, it will also lessen your impact by diverting waste from landfills. 

Extend the life of materials. Shopping at second-hand shops or consignment stores offers one-of-a-kind pieces that are trendy and discounted. You can also extend the life of your own items by repurposing different garments and materials. Try repurposing old clothing into vintage styles or using the rubber from old tires for shoe soles or belts. If you’ve run out of uses for your old items, visit your local community centre donation drop box.

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