Thinking of Renovating?

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Talk to your Property Insurance Provider before you pick up a hammer or shop for paint colours for your next renovation project. Depending on the extent of your renovation plans, you may need to review your existing coverage.


Plan to save with safety upgrades

Add some savings to your design by including features that could reduce your home premiums. You could receive discounts for installing fire sprinklers, anti-theft systems, a backflow prevention device or a sump pump with automatic backup. Check your local fire code for updates, too: in Ontario, for example, carbon monoxide detectors are now mandatory.


Update your home’s replacement value

Once the paint is dry and you’ve settled into your new space, call us again. Renovations can potentially increase your property value, so contact us to re-evaluate your home’s replacement value. Depending on the extent of the work you’ve done, your premium may stay the same.


Remember to keep your receipts and take pictures of everything to update your home inventory. Don’t have one? Now is a good time to start, so that you have an accurate record of your belongings in case you ever have a claim.


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