Tips To Survive A Heat Wave

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With hot summer weather finally here, many households will turn on their air conditioning in an attempt to beat the heat, but there are also other, budget-friendly ways to stay cool.


“Many homeowners turn on the air conditioning when hot temperatures arrive without considering more energy-efficient cooling options, which can lead to high energy bills,” says Dave Walton, director of home ideas at Enercare Home Services. “There are simple ways to reduce energy use and save costs, while still keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer.”


Walton offers these easy tips to save on energy costs and survive the summer heat:


• Install ceiling fans – Use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air. Fan blades should operate in a counter-clockwise direction to move the air downwards and maximize air circulation so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.


• Head downstairs – Since hot air rises, the upper stories of a home will be warmer than the ground floor. A basement can be a cool refuge from the midday heat.


• Have a BBQ – Barbecuing outdoors in the summer is much more efficient than using a conventional stove, which will warm up the house and can cause the air conditioner to work even harder.


• Maximize ventilation – Ensure vents are unobstructed so your cooling system can operate effectively and provide even air distribution. You can also close vents in unused rooms so you are not spending money cooling those spaces. Closing the vents in the basement, where it is naturally cooler, can also help cool the upstairs much more efficiently.


• Close the windows and blinds – Keep windows closed during the day to keep the cool air in and unwanted hot air out. As well, close curtains or blinds on the windows that are receiving direct sunlight to keep the heat out of the house.


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