Top 10 Back-To-School Tips

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It’s that time of year again when families are gearing up for their children to go back to school or begin their school careers. Below are some helpful tips to assist getting ready for the new school year.


1. Communication. Begin talking to your child about the new school year. Talk about your expectations and what they expect. Ask them about their fears or concerns.


2. Review and prepare all school documents. Review the materials that have been sent by the school. Make sure that if you need to turn in medical forms or submit changes, you have the information ready.


3. Cut TV time. The television distracts children from everything.


4. Rise and shine. Waking up early will lead to an earlier bed time. Most parents have a difficult time with morning routines. Waking them up early prepares them for the mornings to come.


5. Read before bed. Ending the night on an educational note is a good habit to have.


6. Regular meal times: Meal times in the summer are an all-day grazing feast. As the school year approaches it is a good idea to put meal times back on schedule. Your children will not be able to eat all day in school, so it is best to break that habit now.


7. Make a calendar. Download a blank calendar from the Internet and fill in. Print out copies for the kitchen, their bedrooms and one for school binders.


8. Shopping. It’s best to buy school supplies in advance.


9. Fill a book bag. Have the kids pack their bag with all their supplies


10. Organize work stations. A work station includes every area in your home that is used daily. Having these areas free of clutter will make it easy for your family to eat, do homework and prepare food.





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