Top 3 Signs Your Deck Is In Trouble

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1. Rot, Rot, Rot!

Whether your old deck is pressure treated or cedar, eventually you’re going to start to notice signs of aging. Whether it’s your spouse putting their foot through a deck board or the railing giving way to too much pressure, there’s no way to avoid it—dead wood ironically has a lifespan. You’ll notice the rot relentlessly wreaking havoc on your deck, slowly but steadily, from one year to the next, particularly if you haven’t had the time to give it the tender loving care it demands of you. Once the boards have started to grow mold and sound more like soggy moss when you walk across them than quiet hardwood, it’s probably time to consider an overhaul!


2. Heaving or Sinking

If your existing deck has noticeable peaks and valleys, that’s a pretty good sign that the structural footings have seen their day. This is particularly frightening if you have a second story deck. Unless you have a particular affinity for unexpected thrill rides when you take a step outside your patio door, “heaving and sinking” are probably not two words you want to hear in conjunction with “second story deck.” If you think the structural components of your deck may be suspect, it’s probably time to roll the barbeque (and your mother in law) back inside and call for some help.


3. Aesthetics

Since I’m a designer, this is, of course, one of my favourite topics. While not everyone will appreciate symmetry or the specific region that has inspired a particular feature on a deck, pretty much everyone can tell that it’s time to consider an upgrade if you’re habitually drawing the curtains when you have guests over so they won’t be distracted by the eyesore in your back yard.


Although patio furniture can do a lot to distract from a boring builder deck, after a while, your eyes will become weary of avoiding the obvious lack of creativity and inspiration that is haunting your outdoor living space. So many of us are just holding out for the “one day” when we’ll be able to buy our dream cottage or yacht. The trouble is, often that “one day” never comes, or it comes at a stage in life when we simply don’t have the energy to enjoy it. Many people don’t realize the potential that lies well within their reach, right in their own back yard.


I can’t tell you the great pleasure I get from designing a literal oasis for people that they can get to by simply taking a step out of their back door. Instead of drawing those curtains, they’re keeping them wide open to remind themselves that rest and tranquility awaits them and their families, day or night. From waterfalls to fire features, beckoning sitting areas, and shaded lounge spots, the options are endless for the kind of retreat you can create. So take one last look at that graying, square, old boring deck and get ready for a change!


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