Top Tools for Spring Cleaning

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The snow has finally melted and warmer weather has arrived. The trouble is, all that brilliant sunshine has a way of highlighting the mess that’s been hiding under the snow for all these months. Suddenly your spring cleaning “to-do” list is looking longer than ever.


Now is the time to get outside and look after those neglected lawns and gardens to prepare for spring flowers and greenery. Three tools are essential to make quick work of the task at hand and to keep your outdoors looking beautiful all summer:


1. Lawnmower. Your grass loves the spring sunshine and will respond with rapid growth, so a lawnmower is vital to keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy. There are a variety of lawn mowers to choose from, depending on the size and shape of your outdoor space. If you have a large space, you might want to consider a self-propelled mower to tackle big jobs with minimal effort. Other popular models include push-mowers and environmentally-friendly electric mowers. Take the time to consider which mower is best suited to your needs.


2. Drill. Not just for spring maintenance, a good drill will help you complete small tasks around the outside (and inside) of your house. A new drill can also serve as an incentive to complete those DIY projects you’ve been putting off so take a look at the variety at any reputable tool dealer. Sears Canada tells us, for example, that there are many types of hand drills including pistol-grip drills, which are the most common for everyday use. Heavy-duty tasks might require a hammer drill that can power through concrete or wood. Consider your summer projects to make sure you get the best tool for the tasks at hand.


3. Pressure washer. Winter salt and mud can wreak havoc on the surfaces of your home. A pressure washer is the best way to remove the dirt and stains that accumulate around the outside of your home. Keep your driveway and deck looking clean with a gas or electric pressure washer that easily attaches onto your garden hose. The higher the pressure, the tougher the cleaning power. For cleaning barbecue grills, patio furniture and windows, electric washers are generally lower in pressure, are more compact and easy to maneuver.


Less time will be spent working and more time will be spent enjoying the summertime if you have just the right tools to get jobs done efficiently. More information is available at



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