Upgrade Attic Insulation to Save on Energy Bills

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A great source of energy loss and expense in a house can be an improperly insulated attic. While your attic is most likely insulated, over time, that insulation can settle or compact, reducing its R-value. A breezy attic may also result in drifts or shifts in your original insulation, leaving gaps where heat can escape. By increasing the level of thermal insulation, you will also absorb sound and reduce your overall energy usage, saving you money.


A simple way to do this is to top-up the existing insulation—and some product lines make it an easy DIY project. Roxul RockFill, for example, is loose mineral wool insulation that can be spread by hand anywhere in the attic. It’s designed to remain stable and not drift, ensuring upgraded thermal protection.


To apply it simply open the bag, aerate the insulation with your hands (loosen it up) and spread it over the existing insulation. Make sure you fill in spaces around ducts, wiring and piping converting these awkward spaces into energy saving areas.


Such an easy DIY project will make your home more energy efficient and save you money.




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