Want to add a tree to your yard?

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The City of Guelph has 150 to give away to Guelph residents.


Thanks to a TD Green Streets grant, the City of Guelph can help you grow your tree canopy. By adopting a tree, you’ll help grow Guelph’s urban forest too. Plus you’ll get a mulch mat and care tips to help you grow a beautiful, healthy tree.


Mark an occasion, replace a lost tree, or simply add some beauty


Trees help reduce noise pollution, decrease energy costs in summer by providing shade and in winter by shielding wind and snow, they make our air cleaner and our streets prettier, and they make you feel good too.


How do I get a tree?

  1. Register by calling or emailing us at 519-822-1260 extension 2107 or healthylandscapes@guelph.ca. Include your name, address and contact information. Registrants must be Guelph residents; only one tree per household.
  2. Complete the landscape checklist and yard sketch we send with your registration confirmation. This information will help our staff select the best tree for your space and light conditions.
  3. Pick up your tree on Saturday, September 19 (details provided with registration confirmation).

About the trees: trees are 1.5–1.8 metres (5–6 feet) tall. Available tree species are suited to our community’s climate and conditions.


Don’t miss out! Register, get your tree, plant your tree, hug your tree.


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