Warm Up to Savings With an Energy Efficient Home

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As the days get shorter and grow colder, energy bills can skyrocket as light and heating systems work to keep Canadians comfortable during the winter months. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation offers a few eco-friendly tips for Canadians to reduce their environmental footprint while reducing their energy bills during the winter season.


“Canadians can conserve energy and lower their energy bills by implementing simple solutions into their everyday lives,” says Mary Desjardins, the executive director of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. “For instance, small things like draft-proofing a home can save consumers as much as 10 per cent on energy bills.”


Additional tips include:


• Put outdoor lights on a timer: Leaving lights on for extended periods wastes energy, so set outdoor lights on a timer to limit energy consumption. Set lights to be on for a five or six hour period, as opposed to all night, and switch to LED light bulbs for increased energy savings.


• Set the thermostat: Keeping your home at a reasonable temperature is an easy way to reduce energy costs. Set the thermostat to 20C (68F), and lower the temperature if you’ll be away for longer periods of time. Using a programmable thermostat to automatically lower the temperature while you are at work or sleeping will further reduce your energy consumption – and your costs.


• Seal leaky windows and doors: Reduce energy loss – and subsequent money loss – by sealing leaky doors and windows. Make a homemade “draft snake” – a simple craft project made with a piece of fabric filled with dried beans, old clothing or fabric scraps – and place it at the bottom of doors and windows to keep warm air in your home and money in your pocket.


In addition to working with Canadians to conserve energy, TD FEF supports thousands of projects dedicated to protecting Canada’s natural environment.


More information about local projects in your community is available online at www.tdfef.com.



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