Where to buy real estate in 2020: Top 35 cities

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Where to buy real estate in 2020: Top 35 cities.

Strong economic fundamentals helped Guelph, Ont., top the MoneySense Where to buy now ranking. Plus, despite the value found in Guelph’s real estate, average home prices are still less than $530,000.

If you are looking to buy real estate, look no further than Guelph.

That is according to MoneySense magazine, which has named the Royal City the best place to buy real estate in Canada.

According to the magazine’s website, there were three indicators used to determine the list of the top 35 places in the country to buy: value, momentum, and expert advice.

“To be clear, when we say value, we aren’t simply looking for the cheapest areas, as low prices alone could be indicative of neighbourhoods mired in social problems, or communities that lack amenities and offer little in the way of a return on your investment,” the MoneySense website reads.

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