Why Wait Any Longer For the Full Colour of Spring?

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While the trees thaw and the sun is shining earlier in the mornings, most of us admit we are eager for more. So why not a fresh coat of paint inside your home? It might just be the quickest way of banishing the winter doldrums to give you a fresh start to spring.


Though do-it-yourself painting is one of the least expensive options to spruce up your home, choosing the right colour palette can be a daunting and nerve-wracking task. Not all homeowners have access to a professional designer’s eye, so for ease with choosing colours, Para Paints has released what they call their Colour Trend Palette Postcards for 2014. This tool is formatted as a handy passport and all of the trends evoke a sense of escape from the icy cold winter.


One palette, or colour trend destination is called Beach House, which suggests leading with a cheerful and sunny yellow, like Para’s chosen colour of the year, Plantain Chips (PF52), and matching it with grey neutrals. Adding accent colours of bright blues and greens provides the perfect complement to create an overall seaside inspired room.


Another tropical option can be found in Island Escape, a palette built around Tahitian Pearl (PF65), a dark and vivid South Sea teal. This colour made a strong showing last year and continues into 2014, especially when paired with bright berry shades and vibrant oranges, while offset with a neutral white.


These newest palettes provide the inspiration for refreshed and rejuvenated rooms without the guesswork of choosing complementary colours.


”It can be expensive to completely redo a room, so the trick is to find a starting point for a colour refresh in your existing décor scheme,” says Garry Belfall, the senior brand manager at Para Paints. “The 2014 Colour Trend Palette Postcards are designed to help people see how vibrant colours and complementary neutrals can work together.”


It can be as simple as switching out one or two of your colour choices from an accent wall, rug, or even couch cushions. It can make a world of a difference.





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